Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Is About To Receive the Android 11 Update

Many Samsung fans praised the fact that the company has managed to update most of its new devices to newer versions of Android. In most cases, the waiting time between the release of the developer version of the OS and consumer updates was quite long.

It appears that the downtime will continue to be low in the case of the next version of Android, as an eagle-eyed source has spotted an entry that describes a Samsung S10 Plus, which runs Android 11 on a popular benchmarking platform.

Within the leak that has surfaced, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is mentioned under the internal identity code of SM-G975F. The entry for the operating system mentions Android R, which infers that Google prefers to name its OS in alphabetical order for tests, as Android 10 was also known under the name of Android Q.

Android 11 Update Would Soon Come on

Google has recently released a developer preview version of the upcoming version of Android. This version of the OS will allow app developers and smartphone manufacturers to test and adapt their products so they can work properly when the stable version is released.

According to the current trends, Google will release the stable build of Android 11 in late July or August. The new Pixel range will likely be the first device that runs the OS, and a short period of exclusivity could attract potential buyers.

It is essential to mention that Google has stated in the past that the company plans to optimize future Android versions so they can be deployed on a large number of devices at a faster pace. Also, in some cases, the delays stem from the fact that many smartphone manufacturers will also implement their own modifications in the form of custom user interfaces that take time to be performed and adapted for the new Android version.

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