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Samsung Galaxy S10 Receives DeX Support and More Updates for Note 10 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 receives DeX support and more updates for Note 10 camera, and we couldn’t be more content. The latest software update for Galaxy S10 is coming with some significant features for Note 10 to another Samsung top device. A source, SamMobile, states that the following update is prepared for the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and even, S10E. What is more interesting is the fact that it will bring the support for DeX PC connectivity, some sleek camera options and Live Focus blur filters for videos.

The Samsung developers also decided to renew its DeX system. They thought of a Note 10 and DeX connectivity, meaning that you will have access to your device apps from any computer. You won’t need an extra monitor setting. For most of the Galaxy S10 users, this update will be convenient.

Samsung DeX is known as an accessory that came first for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8. The tool allows you to increase the functionality of a PC with a smartphone, meaning that you can connect a keyboard, mouse, even a monitor. DeX comes with a USB-C port, HDMI, ethernet and other USB 2.0 ports.

On the other hand, Samsung announced its latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S10, as a revolutionary one. The device comes with one of the most impressive features so far. It is starting with a large, notch-free AMOLED display, an ultra-wide lens for an improved dynamic and more. Also, Samsung Galaxy S10 allows you to stay secure anytime with its new fingerprint sensor. For the storage, they taught bigger and made the device to be available for 128GB and even a 1TB option. Probably the most popular feature, Samsung Galaxy S10, comes with the best cameras. A Pro-grade Multi-Camera with five lenses and more other significant updates.



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