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Samsung Galaxy S10: The Company Has the Solution for the Fingerprint Issue

The Samsung company stated that they had solved the issues brought to their attention by a Samsung Galaxy S10 user, with regards to the in-display fingerprint problem. They also said that they are sending the software update patch next week. They have also given us some advice. We have recently found out that not only Samsung Galaxy S10 has this problem, but also a lot of other models.

What’s the issue about?

Samsung has talked about the issue on its website. The materials used in construction the screen protectors, the silicone actually acts in a sense that it recognizes the 3D patters as fingerprints. This has to do with the under-display fingerprint sensor, which unlocks the device.

These are the devices which are affected by this problem:

Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, and S10 5G models.

Which does Samsung give the advice?

The company recommended users to remove the screen protector if they already fixed it. After doing so, they also need to remove any previous fingerprint saved in their device. They will have to register the fingerprint again.

The software patch that’s meant to fix the screen protector problem will arrive next week. Until the update is installed, the company advised users to forget about the screen protector and specifically asked not to try to fix it.

Users have to register their fingerprint again

After the update is received to the device, and it is installed, you may want to scan your fingerprint again. This time, the company asked the user to get the full finger covered. This should also protect the device from being unlocked by anyone who is not you. The same goes for the persons you allowed to use your phone.



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