Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10+ Gets Latest Android Beta Update

Android 10 has been released for Google Pixel devices on September 3, allowing users to access the latest improvements on their devices. Smartphone owners who didn’t own for a Google device will always have to wait a while until the latest major update is available on their device, with some manufacturers moving a lot faster in comparison to others.

In the past, Samsung spent a long time on the task of bringing major Android updates to existing devices, but it seems that the company wants to break the trend. According to a post recovered from a popular community platform a beta version of Samsung One UI, which includes Android 10 will arrive soon.

Those who own a Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10+ device will be able to access a stable build. It will be available for owners who have an unlocked device, or one acquired from Sprint or T-Mobile. Users are asked to join the Samsung Members initiative and visit the app, where a banner that announces the beta update should be available soon.

As Samsung’s annual developer conference has been planned for October 29 and October 30 it is likely that the beta update will be available in the following weeks. While a beta for Android Pie was released during a similar timeframe in 2018 it is important to keep in mind the fact that a stable version of the update was rolled out in January.

Many users may enjoy the opportunity to access the new features included in Android 10 before the Samsung will release the next One UI update. However, it is important to keep in mind the fact that a beta version is great when you don’t have to use the device daily. While Samsung promised that a stable beta version would be available some bugs are prone to be present, and they can hamper your ability to use the device.

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