Samsung Galaxy S11: Apparently We Are Getting Snapdragon 865

Samsung has launched Galaxy S10 just a few months early, and it is the latest installment in the flagship Galaxy S series. The phone has received a lot of good feedback, some call it a hit, but the public attention has shifted at the next device from the Galaxy S series. We are talking about S11.

Up until now, Samsung has released a lot of phones this year only – the S10 series, the Note 10 series, Galaxy Fold, and let us not forget about the budget models. People have started talking about the tech giant and its lineup for 2020. If we are to take a look at all the rumors on the internet, then Galaxy S11 will definitely be the best phone on the market this year.

What we heard so far

If we are to take into account the success of the Galaxy S series, it’s no surprise that there are many leaks about Galaxy S11 a year before its release.

People talk a lot about the camera, which is said to be the best one so far. The company has announced that a brand new 108MP camera sensor is in the works and that they will make a partnership with Xiaomi. We don’t know if this camera sensor will be added to this phone or not. But what we’ ve heard is that the camera will come with the 64MP Isocell Bright GW1 sensor.

Another most-wanted feature would be the Snapdragon 865 chip – its benchmarks were leaked earlier this week. By taking into account Samsung’s record of always adding the latest SoC’s in the flagship series, we won’t be surprised to see that the Galaxy S11 comes with the brand new power processor from Qualcomm.

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