Samsung Galaxy S11 Leak Suggests 5G Support For All Models

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 models are excellent Android smartphones with lots of novelties over their predecessors and tons of new features. However, many Samsung fans look forward to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 devices. A recent Samsung Galaxy S11 leak suggests that all Samsung’s 2020 flagship models would sport 5G support.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date

According to another recent leak, Samsung would release its upcoming Galaxy S11 flagship smartphones in February 2020, in line with the tradition the South Korean tech giant has adopted in the last year regarding its S series.

That could change until next year, but, for sure, the S11 models would roll out in Q1 2020.

Galaxy S11 Codename Leaked

As per some Chinese sources, SM-G9810, SM-G9860, and SM-G9880 would be the codenames for Samsung Galaxy S11e 5G, S11 5G, and, respectively, S11 Plus 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Leak Suggests 5G Support For All Models

According to the source we mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphones would come out with 5G support on all its models. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise for anybody since the South Korean tech giant has already introduced 5G models this year.

The best explanation for why Samsung decided to add 5G support for all its 2020 Galaxy S11 models is that the 5G network is widespread in South Korea.

No Under-Display Front Camera

IceUniverse, the renowned leaker, contradicted all those rumors saying that Samsung Galaxy S11 devices would roll out with full-screen displays. “Samsung will launch an under-display camera phone next year! Not S11, not Fold 2,” Ice Universe said on Twitter.

More Details On Samsung Galaxy S11

It is too early to say anything about the Samsung Galaxy S11. At least, we can’t present you anything from official sources. However, according to some rumors, Galaxy S11 would sport improved specifications, a revolutionary camera with an AI component, and next-gen memory, just to mention a few novelties that might come on Galaxy S11.

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