Samsung Galaxy S11 Roundup – Release Date, Specs, And More

Samsung Galaxy S11 would come out in February 2020 with many novelties, features, improvements, and so on. In this article, we’ll sum up all the rumors regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Roundup – Release Date, Specs, And More

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S10 series launched in February 2019, so we expect the next flagship in the series to launch around the same date. Some rumors even said that Galaxy S11 models would roll out on February 18th, 2020.

We don’t have anything official from the South Korean tech giant, but we believe that the future devices would launch somewhen in February.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Specs

According to some rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S11 would come with a 100 percent screen-to-body ratio, meaning that the device would feature a so-called periscope selfie camera. Also, other rumors said that S11 would be a folding smartphone. At the moment, we should take all these rumors with a grain of salt.

Under the hood, the upcoming device would sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Accordingly, Samsung Galaxy S11 models would boast 5G network support.

“This is the first Snapdragon 865 Geekbench score, single-core more than 4,000, multi-core close to 13,000, if no accident, it will be used for Galaxy S11, (early results for reference only, does not represent the final production version of the results),” said IceUniverse, the renowned leaker, on Twitter.

Better Camera On Samsung Galaxy S11 Smartphones

Other rumors suggest that Samsung plans to improve the cameras on Galaxy S11 to keep up with the improvements made by Apple and Huawei on their latest devices. Accordingly, we should expect much better camera systems on Samsung Galaxy S11 models.


In short, Samsung Galaxy S11 should launch in February 2020, but the date might change eventually. What’s for sure is that S11 models will come out in Q1 2020. Also, the upcoming flagship smartphones from Samsung would once again revolutionize the world of smartphones.

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