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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: List of Issues

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is all over the media; however, not for the reasons, you may think. The flagship mobile phone has appeared on the news, and it is portrayed in a negative way. Why? Read below to find out more about the latest news.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone has been linked to software or hardware ever since its release on the market. The Exynos 990 chipset powers the Galaxy S20 Ultra models. However, the top-end device seems to have a few issues. Users are complaining about their smartphone heating up, about autofocus, and battery problems.

People are raising their concerns with the company on their Twitter account as well as on the Samsung Community, reports GizmoChina. What is the most common issue of them all? The autofocus on the primary camera. Users complain that the primary camera is losing focus, but the rear cameras are just a pain. The smartphone’s cameras on the back seem to don’t autofocus at all.

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However, this is not a new issue that suddenly appeared on the internet, but a problem that was here from the beginning, ever since Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra release on the market.

The users of this device are saying that the autofocus of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is working slow. In some cases, the camera’s autofocus doesn’t function the way it should. It simply does not lock the objects in focus. Samsung heard out its users and decided to sort out this issue. The company has released an update that was supposed to solve this problem; however, it looks like it didn’t.

“Seriously, the Exynos variant has disappointed me soo much Poor battery life poor performance heats like hell. This is a bad phone with that crappy $1400 price tag. Never Samsung again,” says a Galaxy S20 Ultra user on Twitter in a video.

The heating issue is another thing that frustrates the users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The 4G smartphone model plus the devices that are available on the Indian market are facing the same annoying situation.

One of the other issues that concern the smartphone owners is the battery performance. People call out Samsung for their device, hardly delivering a battery life of 3.5-4 hours. The cheap 5,000 mAh battery that the smartphone features are crap. Worse than a budget segment smartphone. People have raised their concerns about this topic; however, it looks like the company is choosing to ignore it.



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