Samsung Galaxy S20 Update Fixes Autofocus Issues

Unfortunately, owners of Galaxy S20 devices that run on Snapdragon chipsets will have to be patient, as a compatible update will take a tad longer to be released.

Samsung has finally introduced the first post-launch software update for its new lineup of Galaxy S20 devices. Some minor improvements are noticeable here and there.

The most relevant improvement can be observed on S20 devices that are powered by Exynos chipsets, as the camera issues that bugged a lot of users have been finally solved.

The Update

The fresh Galaxy S20 update bumps up the software version to

Even though there were no additional features added to the camera app, the fact that the slow autofocus issue was addressed is a real blessing.

Who’s Got Access To The Update?

Unfortunately, the new update hasn’t started being dispatched over-the-air as of today.

If you are eager to install the new update as soon as possible, you have to download the improved firmware via Samsung’s Smart Switch app.

Alternatively, you can download the update from SamMobile’s firmware archive.

If you are patient enough, however, you can wait for the update to be released over-the-air by Samsung, as it’s a more comfortable solution.

You can go to Settings -> Software Update -> Download and install as soon as Samsung releases the new update over-the-air.

Keep in mind that, as of right now, the update is only available for Exynos-based Galaxy S20 devices, but Samsung will undoubtedly publish an update for Snapdragon-powered devices soon.

The new update puts an end to the camera problems of the Galaxy S20, which is otherwise pleasant to use.

Samsung isn’t taking any risks with its new lineup of smartphones. It looks like they’ve set their mind on perfection, and other upcoming updates will boost the performance of S20 devices to new levels.

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