Samsung Galaxy S21 Could Feature Under-Display Selfie Camera

Samsung is working on introducing the next-gen selfie camera on its upcoming smartphone. According to a leak shared by Ice Universe on Twitter, the company is exploring the under-display front-facing camera technology. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 is planned to feature this new selfie camera tech.

We expect a launch date for the upcoming smartphone to be scheduled for 2021. There is no surprise that the company decided to work on the new camera tech from now, as other companies are following suit. The innovation in our world today is moving forward very fast, and Samsung definitely doesn’t want to stay behind.

Samsung was focusing on the back camera of the upcoming Galaxy S20; however, it seems like the company discovered how to get rid off the punch hole from the front camera. But as easy as it sounds, an under-display front camera will not be built easily.

Samsung Galaxy S21 might launch with an under-display selfie camera

The new tech is complex, and it will take a lot of time to find the right way to do it. Plus, the selfie camera is used to unlock your mobile phone. We also protect our smartphones with a screen protector; there are dust and other factors that the company needs to take into the equation.

Just think about matching the pixel density over the area sporting the camera sensor. It won’t be all easy for Samsung to put in practice. Other smartphone companies have tried to put this new tech in practice, but it was in vain.

OnePlus, for example, has tried to use a mechanical camera shutter button. The camera would emerge from the silo; however, it is not practical. But we trust that Samsung will manage to wear this unique feature just fine in the future Galaxy S21. The company has a lot of time to explore it, and we can’t wait to see the final results.

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