Samsung Galaxy S30: Rumors and What We Would Like to See in the Range

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has just been released, but we’re already thinking of what the South Korean tech giant plans for the Galaxy S30 lineup. There will definitely ​be some incredibly exciting smartphones in 2021, so rumors have already starting to surface.

We’ve collected some of these speculations that seem more reliable, and we also put together a wish list for the Samsung Galaxy S30​ series with things that we most want for the next smartphone in the S range.

Samsung Galaxy S30 – Release Date and Price

Samsung always announces its new Galaxy S devices at the beginning of the year, and in the last few years, it has revealed them in February and made them available starting with March.

Therefore, there is a high chance that the same pattern will be followed by the Samsung Galaxy S30​ as well.

In terms of price, the next series of mobile devices will be at least as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup, which means that the basic model will start at $999, with the other two models having a higher price tag.​

Samsung Galaxy S30 – Leaks and News

The only real Samsung Galaxy S30​ leak at the moment comes from the South Korean website Clien – shared by SamMobile – and claims that the company is developing a 150MP camera for smartphones that can merge nine pixels into one, for 16MP captures that can support a lot of light.

However, because it is incredibly early for Galaxy S30​ rumors, we’d instead take this claim with a generous pinch of salt. That source doesn’t have a track record, and even if the tech giant is actually developing that camera, it doesn’t mean that it will incorporate it into the Samsung Galaxy S30​ lineup.

What We Want to See in Samsung Galaxy S30​

There is not much to know yet about the Samsung Galaxy S30​, but we’ve already got a wish list. The Samsung Galaxy S20 range is expensive, that is for clear. Even the regular model has a high price, with the costs increasing in comparison to the previous year.

Not to mention the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is almost designing a new category of ultra-premium smartphones. Either way, we’d like to see a cost reduction for next year’s series, or a Samsung Galaxy S30 Lite model to come in the pack.

100x Zoom Across the Range

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features some of the amazing camera specs a smartphone could pack, emphasized by its 100x zoom. So, for the 2021 model, we’d also like to see that functionality in the more affordable versions of the series.

An In-Screen Camera

Samsung’s current flagship smartphones pack camera cut-ours in the screen for the front setup, but we’d like for the Galaxy S30​ to have the camera built into the screen, similar to the fingerprint scanner. That would also enable the company to offer an all-screen mobile phone without having to rely on a pop-up camera.

A New Design

The look of the Samsung Galaxy S lineup did not change a lot with this year’s models, with only a bezel for a punch-hole camera being altered. This is one of the most critical change we believe it is time for.

The Same Processor

A slightly weird feature of the Samsung Galaxy S series is that the processor varies depending on the country you live in, with some regions packing Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon SoC, and other’s getting Samsung’s high-quality Exynos chipset.

However, these processors are not the same most of the time. Whether they differ in terms of performance or battery life, there’s typically a discrepancy. It would be great to see Samsung using the same processor in all regions of the world.​ These are a few things we’d like to see in the next Samsung Galaxy S range. What would you want to get in the Samsung Galaxy S30​?

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