Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – All We Know About It So Far

Samsung’s first foldable phone received much criticism, primarily because of its fragile build, as well as the sky-high pricetag that drove many enthusiasts away. In spite of all the initial mishaps, Samsung managed to sell almost half-a-million devices worldwide, which is a remarkable milestone for a first-generation exclusive. Samsung learned a lot from its experience with the Galaxy Fold. Now they are about to unveil their second foldable smartphone, meant to fit any pocket better – both physically and metaphorically.

Is it a flip-phone?

We are going to be introduced to a flip phone from Samsung that will be very similar to the Moto Razr, indeed.

The Galaxy Z Flip will be a regular-sized smartphone that can fold into a square, unlike the Galaxy Fold, which was basically a flexible tablet that could only be fitted inside a jacket pocket. 

The “Hideaway Hinge”

The Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly be equipped with a “Hideaway Hinge,” as it was revealed in a trademark filing. The hinge can hold the device in any position you want, instead of the folded or unfolded options that the Galaxy Fold offers. However, Samsung didn’t try to hide the crease of the phone, which will remain easily noticeable. 

Samsung will likely release a premium leather case for the foldable phone, which will also be available in purple, silver, and gold, alongside standard white and black options. 

The display

The main criticism surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Fold was the screen, especially the plastic layer on top of it, which made the phone prone to scratches. The Galaxy Z Flip most likely won’t face the same issue. 

The 1080 pixel foldable AMOLED screen will be 6.7 inches with a 22:9 aspect ratio when fully unfolded.

Leaked images show that the display can stretch from edge to edge, but bezels will stand out. The bezels are quite peculiar, as they stand on top of the screen, perhaps for additional reinforcement. 

The smaller and thinner second display allows users to glance at time and notifications without having to unfold the phone. Some charging animations were even leaked online. 

The performance

It’s expected to see the Galaxy Z Flip perform outstandingly. It is based on a Snapdragon 855 (or 855+), which still packs a punch. Samsung most likely chose this chipset to cut down costs. 

The phone is expected to feature 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, more than enough for the average user.

A well-known tipster suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold might even get a pair of stereo speakers.


The phone will undoubtedly run One UI 2.0, Samsung’s Android 10-based UI. App continuity won’t be a matter of concern (as it was on the Galaxy Fold) because the second screen will have limited functionality. 

The camera

The Galaxy Z Flip will feature a pair of rear-facing sensors, as it was revealed in many leaked photos. The camera module will likely be borrowed from a 2019 Samsung flagship.

The front display features a hole-punch selfie camera, thus eliminating the possibility of an under-display camera.

The battery

The foldable smartphone will be powered by a pair of battery packs, totaling a generous 3,300 mAh capacity. The smartphone will most likely support charging powers of up to 45W, but some leaks suggest that Samsung might cap the charging power at 15W, perhaps for more accessible and more efficient heat management.

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