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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Might Sport Some Hinge Issues

Samsung took the world by storm with its latest handsets. Recently, we witnessed the launch of the company’s flagship Galaxy smartphones, along with an intriguing one, the Galaxy Z Flip. The foldable smartphone Android-based was released on February 14.

Unlike the previous Galaxy Fold, the smartphone fold vertically and utilizes a sleek hybrid glass known as “Infinity Flex Display.” After the latest teardown tests, Galaxy Z Flip is reported to have an issue. The clamshell smartphone’s hinge fibers are likely to gather a lot of dust. Well, is only dust, how much such a thing could trouble us? Mentioning concern over the problem, iFixit stated that because of the dirt and debris, the Z Flip might suffer.

Samsung, on the other hand, didn’t release a detailed statement about a possible dust-situation for its device. Developers indicated that the upcoming foldable smartphone isn’t dust-resistant. But could it be this only for the display? Since such an issue caught our attention, we sure want more answers from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s Dusty Problem on the Hinge

The last report had also indicated that the debris and dust gathered at the hinge could create some grind, which could look a lot awful. So, imagine spending $1,380 on the device and getting such an issue. The damage would be so annoying. As for other reports, the smartphone encountered a glass folding issue, too.

After some level 2 tests were made, the glass displayed noticeable damage. Samsung released, only as a precaution, a statement to discreetly utilize the foldable screen. Owners will also receive some free one-time screen protectors when they send their device to a Samsung executive.

It seems that the folding system of Samsung’s smartphones causes a lot of trouble so far. It also received criticism because of the uncertain plastic screen, which made Samsung review the devices, the latest being the Galaxy Z Flip folding smartphone.



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