Samsung is reportedly going to drastically upgrade the camera of the Galaxy S11

About one year ago, Corephotonics, the camera developer, was purchased by Samsung, and, if leaks are accurate, the Korean tech giant could finally be about to introduce some of the company’s amazing new photography hardware on the following flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S11.

Details about the cameras

A story from Bloomberg reports that, additionally to the high resolution 108 megapixel sensor, the Galaxy S11 will receive two extra cameras in the form of a 3D time-of-flight camera and a high optical zoom cam.

This means that the following Samsung Galaxy flagship will sum up a total of four cameras! The madness doesn’t stop here, as the Korean colossus is rumored to be packing as many as five cameras on their high end flagship.

Other rivals like the Huawei P30 Pro or the Oppo with it’s 10X Zoom featured 5X optical zoom previously, but none of those was really available in great amounts for the American market, which meant that Samsung held the advantage over companies like Google, Apple and many others.

Targeted devices

Bloomberg also hints that the Galaxy S11 won’t be the sole Samsung device to receive the quirky 5X optical zoom, as it looks like Samsung’s following foldable device (that was teased earlier this fall at Samsung’s annual developer conference) will also pack the very same enhanced zoom camera.

Foldable phones… folding the price in half?

Rumors say that the future iteration of Samsung’s foldable smartphone will cost as little as $850, meaning that picking the Galaxy S11 over it will be a somewhat difficult decision.

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