Samsung is working a new smartwatch, but it might not be the Galaxy Watch 2

A new leaked model of Samsung’s next wearable made headlines of online tech publications. However, there are no details regarding the name of the product or the release date.

Source of the leak

The leak was made public by GalaxyClub, which is a very trustworthy source of Samsung leaks. They have information about a product that is referred to with the codename SM-R840.

This is important and relevant because the first iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Watch had the codename SM-R800 ahead of launch, so the numbers might be a very strong hint towards the future of Samsung’s wearables lineup.

The “R” coding is pretty much a synonym of the wearables lineup from Samsung: Last year we were introduced to the SM – R820, SM-R825 and SM-R835, which were part of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 series.

Possible naming

There is a chance that the following smartwatch from the Korean tech giant will be called either Galaxy Watch 2 or Galaxy Watch Active 3. However, there is a slight chance to see a totally new member of the Galaxy Watch family. 

Battery size

Unfortunately, little was revealed about this intriguing model from Samsung, but the only leak regarding the device is about its battery: It was revealed that the new Samsung smartwatch will pack a 330mAh battery, almost similar to the one of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Perhaps this is a sign that the new device will be a budget model?

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