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Samsung Makes Your Galaxy S10 Experience Better With This New Upgrade

Samsung developers will get ready soon an official beta version of One UI 2.0. The version is based on Android 10. The upgrade will be available for all Galaxy S10 users very soon. For those who want to try the new experience with some sleek features, they can sign up for a beta program. Then, they can update the code for their devices.

New Features for Samsung Galaxy S10

Wondering what it would be new in store for your device? Samsung thought about cameras and a new interface. It is well known that photography is essential for any device. So, developers thought about more advanced features for the Galaxy S10. They diminished the primary complexity of the UI by bundling some upgrades such as personalization of the camera app. This fact means that users will be able to customize their camera as they want.

Samsung has also worked for better functions, such as the option to disable the notification. Users will be freer to choose between other significant features like improved parental controls or get their hands on the new Google’s “dark mode” (see YouTube app). Also, Galaxy S10 users can go into an “I am focused on something.”

Focusing on Google, we have now some right gestures for user navigation for Android 10. However, we don’t have to worry about Samsung’s One UI removal, because this feature is still available. Benefit from this by switching over to Samsung’s gestures in the settings. Such a thing shows how reliable Samsung is because many other companies decided to remove their gesture feature for Google’s ones.

Being based on One UI, Android 9 was feature-packed from the beginning. This left for Android 10 to be more reliable in keeping the compatibility and security options. However, Samsung promises to enhance your Galaxy S10 experience by polishing some features while it remains slightly the same.



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