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Samsung might fix the worst Samsung Galaxy Fold issue in time for the Fold 2

Samsung never aimed to compete against any traditional flagship smartphone of 2019 with their Galaxy Fold. Instead, their primary goal was to be the first to the market with a foldable phone and to prove that the technology was not only functional, but ready for mass use. Unfortunately, Samsung failed horribly with their goal, as the initial review units were full of issues and even the final devices that were sent to consumers months later were reportedly prone to issues.

The Galaxy Fold 2

Even though Samsung failed to prove their point with the Galaxy Fold 1, they are most likely going to make up for that with the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 phone, as they are reportedly working on the display technology so the most pertinent problem of the durability of the device will be an issue of the past.

One of the most popular issues with the first Samsung Galaxy Fold was that some reviewers managed to break it because they removed what looked like an optional screen protector (that was actually a polyimide film part of the integrity structure of the hardware). Thankfully, after so many reviewers made this mistake, Samsung managed to tuck the film inside the frame so nobody could ever make the same crucial mistake.

The good news is that the Galaxy Fold 2 will get rid of such problems: According to SamMobile, Samsung signed a contract with Korean supplier Dolnsys, which will produce ultra thin tempered glass which can fold without breaking. At the moment, Dolnsys can produce glass with a thickness level of under 100 micrometers but they are working on bringing it down to 30 micrometers. However, both values are more than decent for a foldable phone.

This could all mean that the successor of the current Galaxy Fold will be a lot more durable and an increasing number of leaks supports the concept.



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