Samsung Reveals New Foldable Smartphone During Oscars

Samsung revealed its new clamshell foldable phone in a TV advertisement during the prestigious Academy Awards. 

CNBC soon after contacted the company, but they were not immediately available for comment.

The South Korean tech giant is holding its yearly “Unpacked” event on February 11, where they usually introduce new consumer devices. It is expected to see many more details about the phone at the Unpacked event.

The name of the phone

Most recent leaks suggest that the newly announced clamshell foldable phone from Samsung will be named “Galaxy Z Flip.” 

The fourth-quarter earnings report from Samsung also contained the confirmation that a new foldable phone was in the making, and it would look different than the Galaxy Fold, which launched last year. 

Galaxy Z Flip vs. Galaxy Fold

Initially, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was due to launch in April 2019, but many preview units kept breaking, and this made Samsung push back the release date for a few months, while also bumping up the price to $1,980.

The ad clearly shows that the Galaxy Z Flip folds upwards, unlike the outward-folding Galaxy Fold. 

The Z Flip also has a display on the outside of its body, which shows users who are calling and even allows for minimal control options. 

It seems like Samsung put a strong emphasis on purple with the Galaxy Z Flip, but there is also the option to purchase it in black.

However, there is only a day separating us from the Unpacked event, so we expect to see many more details soon!

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