Samsung Shuts Down Factory Due To Coronavirus

Samsung’s coronavirus issues extended past people staying clear from their stores. The tech giant shut down a phone plant in Gumi, South Korea, until February 24th, after confirming that one of their workers was declared coronavirus-positive.

Drastic measures

Samsung told the worker’s associates to self-quarantine and wait for upcoming tests. Samsung will also keep the relevant floor sealed off until February 25th.

Display and chip plants across South Korea haven’t been affected, according to Samsung. 

However, Gumi isn’t far from Daegu, which is the primary hotspot of virus outbreaks in the whole country.

Purpose of the Gumi plant

The Gumi plant produces higher-end handsets mainly built for the South Korean market, but that also includes panels for the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold.

The pause in production might provoke a significant problem considering Samsung’s already limited stock – even a few days without production might ultimately provoke shortages and also affect the Z Flip’s launch. 

Extended problem

Samsung isn’t the first tech giant that experiences coronavirus-related supply issues. Apple has warned of smartphone shortages after a temporary production halt, while Valve predicted a shortfall of Index VR headsets for the same reason. 

 Companies take the Coronavirus issue seriously – Even if the presence of the virus is just a suspicion, major tech companies do not assume any risk and immediately take action.   

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