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Samsung to Launch Its Own Streaming App, The Samsung TV Plus

We have all seen how streaming video services are more and more popular, especially with young people. Samsung has decided to launch the Samsung TV Plus streaming app on a platform that was made exclusive for the Galaxy phones.

There’s a website called Sammobile that has recently talked about Samsung releasing a free streaming service on mobile devices. It will have the same features that can be found on the screaming service from Tizen’s Smart TV.

This streaming app is made exclusively for to Galaxy phone users

Samsung TV Plus is a free online TV platform that was released back in 2019, which is also available for Samsung smart TVs. According to this source, the mobile version will be developed in order to provide the service to Galaxy phone users exclusively.

The TV service is only compatible with Samsung TVs with Tizen, and not with Android TV or Web OS, so make sure you keep that in mind. This is a feature that is bound to compete with a lot of other services, and we are curious about the outcome.

Samsung will release the service only for TVs and Galaxy phones and tablets

We believe that Samsung made a great decision with this. Its devices have a large screen, AMOLED technology, HDR support, and two speakers. Television service is quite a good idea for Samsung’s product range, and it sure will strengthen the user connection to Samsung.

For VOD – on-demand and live content delivery, you will only have to see the ads in the new Samsung streaming app. There are no additional costs. Right now, the service has more than 100 television channels: CBS News, Crime 360, Fuse, Kitchen Nightmares, SPORTS EXTRA, The Design Network, VEVO, Yahoo Finance, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.



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