Samsung Will Continue To Use And Support UWB

Samsung has always been a fan of bleeding-edge technology, including new features on their devices as soon as they were available, and refining them to deliver a superior experience in the long run.

The company has recently announced that it will continue to use and support ultra-wideband (also known as UWB) in the long run. More devices that offer support for this standard should appear in the future as Samsung is confident in the potential of the new technology. One of the best benefits is the ability to control smart locks with your smartphone.

What is UWB?

In a nutshell, UWB is a high-frequency protocol that can be employed for short-range wireless use. It allows the app to gain access to improved special awareness and the option to establish a seamless connection with other devices. Support for fast file transfers and improved navigation in open space is also present.

UWB has received the favor of the FiRa Consortium, an organization that includes a large number of smartphone manufacturers, including  Samsung. The organization is now working on the development of standards that will favor interoperability.

Pushing the standard

The flexibility and potential of the standard have impressed Samsung, and the company wants to convince other manufacturers to adopt and employ the new standard for their devices. Samsung has also mentioned that it is willing to collaborate with other companies on the development of devices that make use of the UWB standard.

A new Digital Key will allow owners of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 to use their devices as a key for smart locks. While a release date hasn’t been shared, it is likely that this is only one of the many features that could be brought with the use of UWB, and more could be announced in the future as the technology continues to advance.


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