Samsung Will Launch A Fix For The Recent Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Issues

Some early reviewers have stated that the camera array present on the Samsung S20 Ultra is affected by some issues. Samsung has heard their feedback, and a future update may address the issues. However, the company did not mention the existence of any problems.

During an interview offered to a popular tech news website, Samsung mentioned that the camera system present on the Galaxy S20 Ultra is innovative, and the company is hard at work on the development of new optimizations that seek to deliver the best experience possible for users.

The complaints offered by some reviewers were linked to the autofocus feature, which appears to be faulty. Several sources mention that the autofocus system is affected by glitches, a long waiting time is needed before it will focus on a target, and in some cases, nothing will happen. Others have also mentioned that excessive image processing can be seen in some photos, with the skin being smoothed too much.

Bizarre camera issue affects Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Problems with the camera system are quite disappointing, especially since the feature is one of the key advertising hooks of the new model. Samsung took pride in the fact that the device comes with an impressive 108MP sensor accompanied by a custom periscope lens that offers a 100x zoom.

This implementation makes the Galaxy S20 Ultra the most popular flagship that joins the high-megapixel race, which has been taking place in the last year. While the raw numbers attracted some people in the past, they didn’t make the pictures better. With the advent of new technology and software solutions, users can enjoy the advantages of a camera with such a high MP count.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is the first device that came with the generous sensor, as it was developed as a joint project between Samsung and Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The launch the of the Samsung S20 Ultra has been quite successful.

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