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Samsung Works On A 600Mp Smartphone Camera

Samsung plays a leading role in the camera features sector, being the first manufacturer to bring on the market the 64MP and the 108MP sensors. The company’s officials have announced that this is just the beginning of the innovations for their camera setups for smartphones.

The Head of the Sensor Business Team from Samsung, Yongin Park, has revealed the company’s intention to develop a revolutionary 600MP sensor. The forthcoming project is proposing cutting-edge technology, which can spot such details that are invisible to the naked eye.

The scientists have declared that our eyes can detect a maximum of 500MP. Therefore, the primary goal of the team is to create and develop a sensor that can even surpass the humanity’s capabilities. The developments are categorized to be the core of future events in the photography world.

Samsung has ambitious plans regarding smartphone camera

Up until now, the only phones that feature the 108MP technology are represented by Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Both smartphones are equipped with the ISOCELL Bright HM11 sensor that enhances the capabilities of the sensors.

However, even though the creation of a 600MP is not as impossible as it may sound, it would be impossible to fir this technology into a single device, since it would be too big to fit into such a small device. Therefore, the only solution to achieve this sensor into a phone would be to shrink the size of the pixel for 0.8μm pixel size to 0.7μm pixels hoping that this will decrease the size of the sensor.

Yongin Park has not established any deadline for this ambitious project. He has only announced their desired future step on the market. Consequently, if the rumors stating that Samsung is planning on taking photography to another level should not come as a surprise, the preparations of a gadget, including the 600MP sensor, may start sooner than expected.



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