Several PlayStation 5 Games Are Being Developed As We Speak

The PS4 is, without a doubt, the undisputed king of the current console generation, with more than 100 million units sold since it was released. The console boasts a rich selection of exclusives that attracted a large number of fans in the long run. Despite the popularity of the console, many fans are looking forward to the upcoming console.

Sony has already announced that the PlayStation 5 will come with a significant jump for both graphics and performance as the company plans to release the device that can compete with some of the mightiest PC gaming rigs.

Many studios are already hard at work as they develop games for the PS5. One of the most important ones is Sony Worldwide Studios, which offered many of the most memorable exclusives that were present on PlayStation consoles.

Several PlayStation 5 Games Are Being Developed As We Speak

It is already known that Sony plans to unleash the device during the 2020 holiday season. Many believe that at least one of the launch titles will be produced by the first-party studio owned by Sony. No official announcement s have been offered until now, but some rumors are already floating on the internet.

According to some sources, some of the first PS5 games will be impressive remakes of the previous titles that were released in the past. One of the possible highlights is Demon’s Souls, the title that paved the way towards the release world-famous Dark Souls trilogy. A new Gran Turismo title could be a great competitor against the dominance imposed by Forza and other racing games. And many shooter fans would enjoy the chance to wage battle in a new SOCOM title.

Other studios are also developing new AAA titles. A sequel to the highly-popular Horizon: Zero Dawn will be available alongside a new Marvel’s Spiderman title developed by Insomniac. The crown jewel remains The Last of Us: Part II, which should conclude one of the most memorable stories of the decade.

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