Shadowgun Legends Update 1.0.6 Adds New Bug Fixes

Lots of smartphone players love to use their devices to play games, but it is quite hard to find a great title in a market that is over-saturated by a variety of titles that more interested in convincing you to pay for in-app purchases.

Shadowgun Legends is an excellent first-person shooter where the gameplay experience is the top priority of the developers. Do you have what it takes to enter the fray in a strange alternate world where humanity has to defeat a dangerous alien invasion or face extinction?

Enhanced Experience

Every gamer knows that the control scheme is an essential part of the gameplay experience. Shadowgun Legends comes with not one but two fully-developed control schemes. Pick between intuitive touch controls or an enhanced virtual joystick and wage war against enemies.

Accept the challenge and enjoy an in-depth story campaign with more than one hundred missions that take place across four different planets. Face the fights alone or invite your friends to join you as the entire story campaign offers full co-op support. Diverse objectives and a cast of interesting characters await you!

Prove your might

The story campaign is merely the start, as there are lots of things to do in the world of Shadowgun Legends. Fill your party with friends and venture into hardcore raids where lethal bosses drop legendary rewards. Feel tough? Enter the War Games Arenas and prove your might.

Engage in a rich selection of exciting PvP modes and battle against some of the best players in the world. With more than 700 weapons available in-game, you can shoot your way to glory with assault rifles, sub-machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and much more. Grab your weapon and your favorite armor set and become a Shadowgun Legend.

The new update, 1.0.6, comes with a variety of bug fixes.

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