SHAREit Update 5.6.48_ww Comes With Send And Receive UI Revamps

Smartphones are among the most popular devices in the world, as they put lots of features in the palm of your hand. One of the best features is the ability to quickly send files from one device to another, but there are only a few great apps for this purpose.

SHAREit is an excellent file-sharing app that is available across a large number of platforms and can be used quite easily by anyone without the need to watch complicated tutorials or wait for a long time until the transfer is completed.

Fast and reliable

With an average speed of up to 20MB per second, files transfers with SHAREit are up to 200 times faster in comparison to the use of a classic Bluetooth connection. Files can also be transferred without compression, which is great as they retain their quality.

Users can transfer a large assortment of files without problems, ranging from great photos to short or long videos, music, and documents. While other file transfer apps come with a size limit, SHAREit can transfer full-length movies, complete albums, and entire apps with a few taps.

Great for entertainment

The app comes with a fully-featured video section that offers access to a wide variety of video genres that offer countless hours of entertainment. They can be watched online or downloaded on the device to watch them while offline or share them with friends. A dedicated music section filled with songs is also available.

Once you download media files, you can also play them on the spot as the app comes with a built-in media player that is compatible with a large variety of formats as well as an excellent music player so you can listen to the latest hits in style.

The 5.6.48_ww comes with redesigned sender and receiver pages and improved playback experience.

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