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SHAREit vs. Xender: Which is a Better Version to Download?

SHAREit and Xender are two of the best file sharing apps in the market. However, after several attempts to determine which of the apps is better, the duel still remain a keenly contested one.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing both applications side-by-side; to provide you with insights on their relative strengths and weaknesses.

SHAREit vs Xender: Key functions and similarities

Both apps boast of over 100,000,000 active users each. And as mobile apps, it’s unsurprising that a large percentage of this figure are Android users.

Furthermore, SHAREit and Xender are more than just file transfer apps; the former also serves as comprehensive file and app management tool, while the latter serves as a standard music/video player. Essentially, both apps can be said to be “versatile” in their own ways.

In a nutshell, both apps are standard file transfer platforms, with significant userbases.

Features of SHAREit & Xender

The table below shows the basic features of both apps vis-a-vis each other:

Features SHAREit Xender
Platforms Android, iOS, Windows (Mobile & PC) Android & iOS
Desktop Version Available (full support) Not available
Transfer Speed Up to 40MB/sec Up to 40MB/sec (faster)
Connectivity Wi-Fi/Hotspot Wi-Fi/Hotspot
UI Easy to navigate Intuitive and easy to navigate (better)
Group Share Yes Yes
Folder Transfer Yes No
Web Share No Yes
Userbase 100+ million 100+ million

From the table, it’s evident that the difference between both apps is insignificant. Nonetheless, certain differences are quite noteworthy.

For instance, Xender is generally faster than SHAREit. In fact, with both apps running on the same Wi-Fi network, Xender is almost twice as fast as SHAREit. However, what SHAREit is lacking in speed is well made up for in its app management capabilities. With the features on offer, SHAREit can easily pass as as a stand-alone app or file manager.

In addition, while SHAREit hosts extended support for mobile and desktop operating systems, Xender has no designated desktop version. Hence, “inter-platform” transfer of files is generally easier on SHAREit.


It’s evident that both apps have their relative strong points and weak points. Hence, one cannot be said to be better than the other.

Nonetheless, with regards to the most notable criterion of comparison, which is speed, Xender is obviously the better option.

However, with the flexibility and cross-platform support offered by SHAREit, it could very much be the better of the two.



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