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SharePoint Best Alternatives: What Should You Try

SharePoint is a smart web-based management system or web portal that secures the access and sharing of data. You can also log in, access, share, and collaborate with others in a mobile and secure environment. 

SharePoint is a Microsoft product, so it works best with Microsoft’s web browser, Edge or Internet Explorer, but it can do wonders on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, too. 

However, if SharePoint’s features are not enough for you, you can always try some alternatives. Remember that the best solution is the one that suits your needs best. Here are some of the best alternatives to SharePoint. 


Huddle is an excellent alternative to SharePoint. The service is one of the leading solutions for project management and team collaboration. 

Huddle allows users to share files, organize their workflows, edit files directly within the app, and collaborate on projects. The app works flawlessly on mobile and desktop and offers native integrations for Zimbra, Centrify, Salesforce, and, ironically, SharePoint. Huddle is known for these unique features:

  • automatic version control;
  • intelligent content dashboard;
  • task management;
  • social collaboration.


Igloo offers an intranet platform for businesses of different sizes and industries. The service is now responsible for over 10,000 collaboration sites. Its core product offering is developed calendars, file sharing, wikis, task management, forums, and blogs. 

Igloo is an easy to use alternative to SharePoint, and it has some of the best pricing options for enterprise companies and custom requirements. Here are some of the best features:

  • discussions forums;
  • shared calendars;
  • microblogs and wikis.

G Suite

G Suite is another excellent alternative to SharePoint. The service essentially takes Google’s productivity apps and optimizes them for business use. The main package comes with Hangouts, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs, Gmail, Vault, and MyBusiness. 

The Google environment offers tools for email, real-time shared document editing, file sharing, and communication. Its administrative controls allow users to easily manage data archives, file security, and a wide variety of other tools. Check out G Suite’s best features:

  • drive file search;
  • simultaneous document editing;
  • video conferencing;
  • built-in calendars and scheduling.

Source by IC Thrive

Source by IC Thrive provides simple intranet platforms to support companies automate business processes, keep employees engaged, and collaborate on work tasks. The service is developed for easy implementation and adjust as businesses grow by providing a wealth of out-of-the-box tools. 

Source also has some special skills you might not expect, such as an e-learning module that allows HR managers to develop onboarding workflows and online training courses. Other features include:

  • alerts and subscriptions;
  • company blogs;
  • HTML editor and design-builder;
  • extranet portal;
  • mobile intranet. 

Final Words

Although these SharePoint alternatives represent some of the great deals on the market right now, you should always consider choosing only the one that best suits your need. There are more file sharing and team collaboration services to find, but if you want the most genuine experience, you should try one of the solutions mentioned above. 



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