Shoppers experience huge delivery delays after sales fiasco

After so many years of witnessing it take its toll on people’s shopping habits, Black Friday is unofficially one of the best marketing schemes in history and it’s often associated with the holiday season. If Black Friday wasn’t enough of a mess, Cyber Monday came next and made sure that people entered the cold season with little to no spare change.

The 2019 Black Friday broke quite a few records when it came to sales, and this translates to many packages being shipped. In situations like this, the infrastructure of specialized delivery companies simply isn’t enough to keep up with the high demand.


Companies like United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service and even Amazon declared that delays will likely be following. One of the causes of the delays is the unfavorable weather that affected traffic over the past days.

Sarah Schultz, Customer Relations Coordinator for USPS Minneapolis, said: “We’ve had instances where it’s just not a safe circumstance to be on the road.”

USPS are going all crazy throughout December, doing their best to deliver as many packages as possible.

The trio consisting of Amazon, USPS and UPS all stated that they are adjusting their services and employees and they believe that their operations are all back on schedule.

However, it’s advised that people arm themselves with patience.
Deadlines are very important when it comes to delivering Black Friday or Cyber Monday products because many of the purchased items are meant to be a gift of sorts, so delays past one point might render the whole acquisition useless.


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