Should You Install The 13.5.1 iOS Update?

Apple has pushed an impressive number of updates recently as users have been affected by a large number of bugs since the first version of iOS 13 was released more than a year ago. While some of the bugs have been tacked by the updates, new ones surfaced.

iOS 13.5.1 can be installed on any devices which are compatible with iOS 13, which means that it will run on iPhone 6S and newer or and the 7th generation of iPod Touch devices. An update notification should appear on the lock screen, but it is also possible to initiate the update manually by going to Settings/General/Software update.

Say goodbye to the recent jailbreak

As expected, the main target of the update is the recent jailbreak which was released by unc0ver, and which was compatible with an a large number of Apple devices that run iOS 11 or better. Despite the best efforts of the jailbreak community, Apple’s stance of jailbreaking has remained the same over the years, and any exploit is target quickly.

The official notes for the update mention that it targets the security flaw, which allowed  unc0ver to create the jailbreak solution.

Should you install the 13.5.1 update?

It depends on your willingness to take a risk. While any jailbreak user will avoid the update, a large number of users have installed it on their devices, and it appears that there are a few unpleasant surprises.

Several reports have noted the appearance of numerous bugs. While they seem to be isolated, for now, the bugs can be quite annoying The sheer variety of the issues is surprising as it rangers from Face ID functionality hiccups to unstable Bluetooth connection and a bizarre prediction error which occurs when the users type vote or vote for and the prediction menu offers Trump as a suggestion. Most of these issues should be addressed by iOS 13.5.5, which is already in the beta stage.


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