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Signal Private Messenger Update 4.64.7 Includes A New Conversation Settings Interface

Smartphones have changed the way in which people communicate thanks to the advent of messaging apps, which offers an interactive way of staying in touch with loved ones.  However, recent scandals tied to some messaging apps encourage users to explore safer alternatives.

Signal Private Messenger was designed from the ground up to be an excellent messaging up with extra security features. Everything that you do within the app is safe and private, as no one has access to your data.

Safe and secure

A bleeding-edge custom-made end-to-end encryption protocol will ensure that your conversations are safe. Privacy is a must in your days, and in the case of Signal Private Messenger, it is a core feature. You can say anything in your conversation without the need to worry that others will learn your secrets.

By harnessing an optimized network protocol, the app will deliver your messages almost instantly, even in areas where signal coverage is poor. This is a great boon if you visit remote areas or want to conserve battery and data by switching the network mode.

Fully independent

Signal is registered as an independent 501 Chapter 3 non-profit organization, which means that it does not work with advertising companies.  The development of the app is supported by dedicated users who appreciate the app and the team and donate small amounts of money. Any donations are optional, and you do not need to pay anything to use the app or all of its features.

The app includes VOIP functionality, as you can call friends, family members, or colleagues with the help of the built-in voice and video call features. Talk with people from all over the world and enjoy a crystal-clear audio quality. Choose specific ringtones for contact or disable noises with a few taps.

A new conversation settings interface and improved message details features are included in the 4.64.7 update. Download all APK files from a secure source.



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