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Skype Update Brings An Annoying Bug, Affecting Thousands Of Users

Social isolation has forced many people to work from home, and the demand for services that facilitate teleconferences is higher than ever. Thousands of Skype users have reported problems in recent weeks, with the issues surfacing after the 8.59 version was released.

Some users have created posts on popular discussion platforms. The biggest issue is related to the fact that they don’t receive new messages.

Interestingly, the problem that only those who use the desktop app seem to be affected as the web and mobile versions continue to work without problems. One user has mentioned that the desktop app does not show notification for the new messages or the messages themselves.

He tried to log in and out, uninstalled, and reinstalled the app and ensured that the internet connection is working correctly, but the situation remains the same.

Skype update rolled out with a bug

The cause of the problems is tied to the newest Skype update as users have observed that older versions of the app work without problems. In some cases, it was mentioned that the problem vanished after the app was installed from the Microsoft Store.

Many users are disappointed by the problems, especially since the latest update for the desktop app introduced one of the most anticipated features in the form of support for custom backgrounds.

The feature offers the ability to replace the background shown during video calls with custom images. This perk would have improved the quality of life for many conversations that involve a large number of participants.

There has been no reaction from Microsoft for now, but the company is likely hard at work on tracking down the root of the issues, and a patch could be released shortly. Until a new Skype update is available, it is advised to use the web client on your computer.



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