Skype Will Receive New Features and Changes

Skype has been doing quite well since Microsoft acquired the service in 2011, even if some of the more interesting data related to the service hasn’t been shared in recent years.

The service remains a popular choice among people who prefer a familiar interface without the myriad of features and gimmicks that are introduced by other services that seek to be more competitive.

Microsoft addressed the lack of information earlier this year, revealing that more than 40 million people use Skype daily, while the number of calling minutes has increased by more than 220% . It was also mentioned that a consumer version of Microsoft Teams would be released in a few months.

Skype is here to stay

The announcement about Microsoft Teams led to a large number of rumors related to the regular version of Skype, as Skype for Business is being replaced by Microsoft Teams at a fast pace.

According to a high-ranking Microsoft employee, the Redmond giant plans to keep Skype in the market, and it will work on mutual integration between the two platforms. While Microsoft Teams is great for business and planning, Skype remains a favorite choice for people who want a simple solution for making calls or sending messages.

Complementary tool

Microsoft has decided an interesting approach, arguing that it is better for the company to offer a diverse array of services. By introducing interoperation elements, the experience gets better for everyone as more people can communicate conveniently, without the need to make the switch to a new platform, a move that is daunting in most cases.

It was also hinted that new features are in development and will arrive at Skype at a later date, as it is likely that Microsoft may plan to add some of the traits which made Microsoft Team a hit among many users.

More announcements will be offered in the following months.

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