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Skyrim New Mod Adds Sylvanas From World of Warcraft and a Few Skills and Features

Modder Haytur introduces Sylvanas from World of Warcraft in Skyrim, along with a few skills and gear that allows us to step into the character’s shoes. 

Almost a decade after launch and closing in on spanning across three various console generations, Skyrim proves it’s still worthy. One thing that keeps fans playing isn’t so much support from the devs, but the creativity of fan-made mods. Here is what you need to know. 

New Skyrim Mod Introduces Intriguing Game Experience

Haytur is a Skyrim modder that has released a new skin, with credit to other modders like AthenaX, who developed the armor, and Ilikeawp, who inspired the skin and realized the initial asset. 

Haytur’s recent mod takes World of Warcraft’s Sylvanas as the newest skin for Skyrim’s Doavahkin, turning her into a playable character, complete with weapons, unique armor, and skills to emulate her abilities from the source material. 

One of the best additions from the mod is the Deathwhisper bow, an intriguing and new bow for Skyrim that changes when Sylvanas’ apply her skills and when paired with the Saronite Arrows. Besides the bow, there is also a set of daggers dubbed the Fangs of Kaleegos. 

An amount of the initial assets that Haytur utilized to realize this Sylvanas mod come from a similar addition that made the character a friendly companion to join us as we explore the realms of Skyrim.

However, some of the new weapons and skills are unique to Haytur’s mod, and there are still under development. The most significant difference is the ability to play as Sylvanas instead of just getting her to follow you around.

Such mods are worth trying as they continue to show the fantastic mod community that Skyrim has. The game becomes even more enjoyable thanks to these fan-made creations. It goes a long way to explain why the developers have backed an amount of these mods created and opened creator run marketplaces for the developer’s open-world titles. 

Skyrim is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.



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