Smart Doorbells Could Be Used Obstruct Police According to FBI

Documents that were obtained in the aftermath of a high profile hack reveal that the FBI is concerned about the ability to use smart doorbells to prevent the police from doing its job.

One of the papers explores the way in which an incident took place in 2017 when a person who remains unnamed in the document used a smart doorbell to monitor police officers as they were preparing to serve a reach warrant and alerted the landlord of the property before the procedure took place.

Smart and flexible

The documents which mention the event is a technical analysis bulletin which offers additional information about the way in which police and benefit or be affected by the use of advanced home security systems and smart doorbells. It is included in the infamous BlueLeaks, which were published after more than 250 police websites were hacked and searched.

It is worth noting that the twist of perspective is quite interesting since some voices were concerned in the past about the way in which smart doorbells could be monitored by the police and the amount of information that could be shared.

Amazon and Ring smart doorbells

Amazon ran into issues with several digital rights groups in 2019 after the company signed a deal related to its range of Ring smart doorbells with more than 200 US law enforcement agencies. The deal allows officers to request videos and information that could be related to a crime from Ring owners.

Some digital rights groups argued that the deal undermines basic civil liberties. There are many technology companies that sell smart doorbells as well as complete installation kits, so anyone can mount one near their door without the need for extensive knowledge.

Most popular models rely on a combination of motion and camera sensors to detect people as they come close to the door.

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