SnapTube’s Best Features: What Should You Try


SnapTube is one of the most praised YouTube video downloaders. The app comes with lots of features, offering you a great experience.

SnapTube is also an excellent online video converter. If you didn’t discover the app’s best features yet, here is what you should try. 

A Picture in Picture Mode or How to Keep Your Video on Top

SnapTube allows you to watch a video in a pop-up box. To activate the feature, go to Settings and scroll down until you spot the Picture In Picture Mode option. Activate it and enjoy a new way to watch your favorite videos!

Customize the Homepage

SnapTube places YouTube, Facebook, and a few others on the homepage by default. Luckily, you can change that. Customize your homepage by tapping on the “+” button on the SnapTube homepage. 

Speed Up the Downloads Efficiently

One of the best SnapTube features lets the users with a low mobile data connection to utilize the app to the fullest. How is that possible? You can activate an option to increase the app’s downloads speed under the Settings section. 

Add New Videos on SnapTube

SnapTube supports many popular video websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and more. So, when you discover a new video website that you consider useful and interesting, you can add it to SnapTube. Well, it needs the developers’ approval first, but you can then enjoy a new video website. You can do such a thing by simply selecting the “Suggest Video Site” when tapping on the “+” button. 

Access the Restricted Videos 

As you already know, some websites are blocking your access due to your region. With SnapTube, you can forget about that restriction. Go to Settings and pick Content Location. Choose another country and see if you can access the restricted videos that you want! You’ll surely appreciate SnapTube more thanks to this feature. 

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