SnapTube Accused of Making Almost $100 million From Scamming Android Users

You have to check right away your Android device for the SnapTube app. A recently released report states that the app could be draining the bank accounts of 40 million people. 

SnapTube is a well-known app that lets users download any videos from YouTube and Facebook. The app could be downloaded for free, but some tech analysts said that it could sign up users for a premium paid service without them even knowing. Here are the latest details

SnapTube is Now An Android Scam App

UpStreamSystems reports that the 40 million users who have downloaded and installed SnapTube could pay a considerable price. 

Such issues are identified as “fleeceware” scams, meaning that the app is not really malware, but it can take lots of money from users. Android scams like this work so well because they rely on the fact that Google Play Store lets apps take periodic payments from the credit or debit card associated with the users’ accounts. It might be helpful when users are paying for apps such as Netflix, but not that good when they have no idea they’ve actually downloaded fleeceware. 

SnapTube has a free trial that perhaps some users have forgotten about it when it begins charging. Android users can choose to cancel trials before the subscriptions start or simply uninstall the app. But some users download apps like SnapTube and use it once or twice and then entirely forget about them. 

SnapTube is now accused of getting almost $100 million from scamming unsuspecting Android users. The app’s developer, Mobiuspace, has been defied, but he explained that he didn’t know such a thing. He insisted that any unwanted charge issues would be due to a third-party app that SnapTube works. 

Google, however, has now dismissed the app from the PlayStore. If you’ve downloaded SnapTube, you have to immediately access the Google Play Store and go to the Subscriptions option under the menu button to cancel any subscription. 

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