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Some Black Holes May Mark The Existence Of Past Universes

Are Black Holes Evidence of Past Universes?

One of the most controversial theories in the world of science is related to the formation of the universe. The theory challenges the belief that the Big Bang isn’t the start of the universe, as it is generally agreed, and argues that it was merely the start of a new universe.

Known as conformal cyclic cosmology, the theory also mentions that the universe is merely one version of a series of infinite universes that have existed and will continue to exist forever.

Created by a well-known researcher

The theory was created by Sir Roger Penrose, who received a Nobel Prize earlier in October for his outstanding research and discoveries related to the study of black holes. Penrose notes that there some of the radiation that can be found on the night sky is released by ancient black holes.

According to a researcher who explored the theory, there are three essential factors that are tied to it. The universe has a positive cosmological constant, it will return to a state similar to the beginning during the end, and all the material found in the universe will become photons that don’t interact with other photons.

Dark end

It is argued that every universe that has existed or might exist will possess all of these traits, and an infinite number of universes will exist. As such, it can be argued that our universe is only a part of the series.

Other researchers have started to support this theory, especially as new objects of interest have been spotted in the microwave background. This infers that some anomalous regions could be found in the universe, and ancient black holes could be found in some of them. As the black holes decay, they continue to release Hawking radiation for a very long time, exceeding billions of years.



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