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Sony Announces Horizon: Forbidden West For PS5

Released by the popular studio Guerilla Games, Horizon: Zero Dawn has been one of the most popular titles for the PlayStation 4. The title became an instant hit after release, and many gamers have been looking forward to a sequel.

The waiting is finally over as Sony announced a new Horizon title during the Future of Gaming reveal event where the PS5 was also showcased. Horizon: Forbidden West will take the players into a new corner of Alloy’s post-apocalyptic world. A short teaser trailer revealed impressive visuals powered by the advanced hardware of the PS5.

Solid start         

Horizon: Zero Dawn enthralled gamers in a fascinating setup that offered a post-apocalyptic world with strange life and dangerous traps, challenging players as they moved from one area to another and tackled different enemies.  As players completed certain quests and activities, they earned skill points that could be used to unlock powerful abilities that enhanced the gameplay experience.

Critics and gamers alike were pleased by the popular title, offering gleaming reviews that encouraged the developer to release DLCs, which enhanced the experience with new content. A version of the game which contains the full package has been released for Microsoft Windows PCs.

New adventures

Alloy returns for the sequel and the Decima Engine have been revamped with a few bells and whistles that will result in an impressive experience. Despite its age, Horizon: Zero Down remains one of the best-looking titles on the PS5, and it is likely that the bar will be pushed up for the new title.

New features are anticipated as the custom SSD present on the PS5 should allow Guerilla Games to expand the open-world and introduce new mechanics that wouldn’t have been possible on the PS4. The action of the new title will follow Alloy as she continues to explore ruined areas of North America as she tries to learn more about the catastrophe, which brought the apocalypse.



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