Sony CEO Speaks About PlayStation 5 Pricing Strategy

Sony is finally starting to reveal more information about its next-generation console, the PS5, after staying mostly under the radar for over a year.

A game reveal showcase has been set for June 4, and we expect more details to be posted soon.

Though the next week’s showcase will undoubtedly provide us some insight about the console, it would be wise not to expect too much of it. 

Sony will most likely continue playing it safe and mysterious. However, Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, talked about some elements about the next-gen system in a recent sit-down.

The reports are most uncertain, and the PlayStation community is experiencing a bit of an anxious phase lately. 

The first half of 2020 has been a major bummer for the brand’s fans, which have wondered continuously how Sony will solve all of the problems provoked by the Coronavirus pandemic. The rumors were pretty dark until this month, suggesting that the company won’t meet demand.

Thankfully, a recent financial report of the company has revealed that the console’s launch was right on track.

PS5 CEO – Opinions

Jim Ryan talked about the subject of the console’s price, and he avoided giving an estimate of the console’s cost.

He did admit that the current conditions are a bit unusual, though, and promised that the company would offer the “best possible value proposition.”

“I think the best way that we can address this is by providing the best possible value proposition that we can. I don’t necessarily mean lowest price. Value is a combination of many things. In our area, it means games, it means number of games, depth of games, breadth of games, quality of games, price of games… all of these things and how they avail themselves of the feature set of the platform,” Ryan stated.

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