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Sony Delays PS5 Reveal Event – What We Know So Far?

Millions of gamers were surprised and excited last week when Sony announced a PlayStation 5 reveal event that should have showcased the upcoming gaming console. However, the U.S. is being affected by a series of protests related to police brutality after George Floyd died a few days ago.

In the light of recent events, Sony has released a public announcement via Twitter, informing fans that the event has been delayed. The post mentions that while fans are looking forward to learning more about the PS5, the company believes that the time is not favorable for such an event.

Not the only one

Several video game developers and publishers have made a similar announcement, encouraging fans to pay more attention to the events which are taking place in the U.K. and promoting the Black Lives Matter organization.

Activision appears to be one of them, as the social media pages for the current Call of Duty games have released a similar announcement, which notes that this is not the proper time for the release of fresh content. The anticipated release of new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Mobile seasons.

Indefinite delays

Sony and Activision did not provide revised schedules for the releases, which were planned, a move which may infer that the companies are planning to gauge the events as they are taking place and dynamically create new schedules. The move has been praised by many employees and associated companies.

While some fans understood the intentions besides these decisions, others argued that they do not contribute to the current problems in a meaningful manner, and they are merely PR stunts that seek to make the companies more humane in the eyes of gullible customers. On the other side, those who argued that Activision and Sony did the right thing argue that the problems are hand have a higher priority and are more important in the long-run.



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