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Sony Hints at the PlayStation 5 Official Reveal in February, Reserves Hall in New York – But Here’s the Catch

The highly awaited year Microsoft and Sony chose to release their next-gen consoles has begun. The two companies will make sure the PS5 and the Xbox Series X will be ready for the winter holidays. Last year at the Game Awards, we got a glimpse of what we will see from Microsoft, but Sony has been keeping its PS5 a secret. Well, you could say that they did reveal something… the logo.

But what’s really exciting is that the latest rumors suggest Sony is actually getting ready to unveil its PlayStation 5, and a recent hall reservation in New York surely suggests that’s where the company plans to make the reveal.

PS5 Reveal? Sony Reserves Hall for Private Event on February 29

In a thread on the PS5 sub-Reddit, a user shared the image below, which says the private event will take place on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at the Sony Hall in New York, starting with 7:00 PM.

Considering Sony has not announced anything yet about their reveal event, we would say this is not accurate information. But looking back at the PS4 reveal, we see it was on February 20th, which would make sense if this year’s reveal would be held on February 29th and not earlier than February 20th. Still, according to the leakers, we heard two dates: February 5th and February 12th.

The 5th of February now sounds highly unlikely since the media hasn’t got enough time to make travel arrangements. But the 29th also seems a bit strange since it takes place on a weekend night, not a great day either for publicity considering news outlets don’t work on Sunday. The Sony Hall has also been scheduled for another private event on 24 February, which is on a Monday – the perfect day for news outlets to begin writing about the console reveal. Nonetheless, the booking could be made by another company and not Sony.

Moreover, some Redditers argue that the Sony Hall can only hold up to 1,000 people standing and around 500 more seated, which is too small for such a reveal where developers, stakeholders, the press, influencers, and fans should be. In comparison, at the PS4 reveal, there were somewhere between 2200 and 2800 people in the audience. Maybe these private events on 24 and 29 February could be held for other Sony products and not the PS5.

What we know for sure is that Sony is undoubtedly going to reveal the PS5 in the coming weeks.



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