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Sony intends to launch PlayStation games on non-PS consoles

An announcement regarding Sony’s long-running baseball slim series “MLB The Show” that was made on Monday night revealed the company’s plans to launch games on non PlayStation platforms.

The statement

The joint statement made on Monday night by Sony and Major League Baseball confirmed that their shared license agreement of the series “MLB The Show” will be standing for an undetermined time span.  However, the more interesting news is that they also made a pledge for the series to appear on “additional console platforms beyond PlayStation platforms as early as 2021”.

Obviously, this raised many questions as gamers worldwide are wondering what other console platforms they should be expecting to see the series launched on. There was no official answer from neither Sony nor Major League Baseball.

One very common hypothesis is that Sony might be planning to launch games for the Google Stadia, even though Sony has their own advanced streaming service. However, there are at least two years separating us from the first Sony multi-platform title, as the official milestone of “as early as 2021” was pretty vague. 

Decades of the series

The series was launched more than two decades ago, back in 1998 on the PLayStation 1 and it was titled simply “MLB ‘98”. From that point, Sony’s baseball games were launched only on their PlayStation platforms. 

Microsoft’s plans

In contrast to Sony, rival console manufacturer Microsoft was keen on launching multi-console titles over the course of the previous years. Their first multi-platform title was Minecraft, which kick-started it all. The pinnacle of Microsoft’s multi-console strategy was the year 2019, when they launched the (former) Xbox exclusives Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest on the Nintendo Switch.



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