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Sony might have just patented the PlayStation 5 controller

Controllers are important and their aspect and ergonomy are, for some people, the only criteria of differentiating two separate gaming consoles. It’s true that, in some cases, a console’s controller is its main selling point, so people are eager to learn about new controller designs from tech giants.

Even though we are still about one year away from the release of Sony’s next generation gaming console, the design of the new DualShock 5 controller might have just been revealed and it looks oddly familiar. A set of freshly published pictures from Japan’s patent office might expose some clues regarding the peripheral for the PS5.


Looks might be deceiving, but it seems like the new controller isn’t too different from the DualShock4 that it’s meant to replace. However, upon a closer look we can observe some notable differences. First of all, it looks that the new peripheral won’t feature a light bar. This detail and the fact that Sony is working on improving the battery capacity of the controller means that its battery life will be vastly improved.

The new model also got rid of the two tone design of the DualShock 4 and features bigger triggers. One odd detail of the new design is the addition of an extra headphone jack on the lower part of the controller.

It’s obvious that Sony isn’t really keen on changing the design of the DualShock. In their perception, the DualShock is almost perfect, so they don’t believe that it requires fundamental changes.


Sony’s Mark Cerny stated that the new peripheral will be bundled with enhanced rumble and haptic feedback technology which will make the gaming experience significantly more immersive.




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