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Sony Struggles To Reduce The Price Of PlayStation 5

You probably didn’t think that costs will be such an issue to establish for one of the most significant companies out there. But, Sony seems to struggle a lot with keeping exceptions high at a modest price. As next-generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, battle for the best performance and features, costs are, too, very significant.

It can influence one’s decision when it comes to buying a brand-new console. So, what should Sony do? What are the company’s chances of releasing an affordable next-gen console?

Sony’s current aim is to bring a price for its newest installment in the series, the PlayStation 5. According to the latest Bloomberg report, the company’s bill of materials is almost $450, contrasted to IHS Markit’s valuation of $381 for the PS4, which was available for $399 back in 2013.

Sony’s Upcoming PlayStation 5 Could be More Expensive, Though

If Sony wants to meet some decline at selling the upcoming PS5, a $450 would be far more expensive than the current $399 PS4 Pro, which sometimes reaches a $299 price tag. It happened before for consoles to be marketed as loss leaders, but Sony developed the PS4 to arrive as the most profitable console from the beginning.

The company designed that even if it lost billions on the technically challenging PS3 at release. However, Sony has already announced that the PS5 will be developed around steady-state flash storage. Such a thing is known to be extremely expensive and susceptible to other costs.

Depending on how much storage developers want to bring on the upcoming console, it will profoundly influence the prices. Also, there are more features, such as the support of ray tracing, a brand-new AMD GPU, and a lot of RAM, of course. How much will Sony trade for its components is still a mystery, and until official reports, we should except the most expensive console so far.



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