Sony’s Next-Gen Finger-Tracking Technology News

Recently, a video of Sony’s progress of its next-gen VR controller emerged, and it’s very close to the PlayStation Move. Sony seems to ditch the PlayStation Eye camera required for the PS Move’s wands to run with the PSVR, with all the finger-tracking arrival via onboard sensors. If such things turn out to be the PSVR 2 controllers, it’s a huge difference and a significant update to launch with the next PS5. The video, dubbed “Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for Hand Pose Estimation on Handheld Device with Proximity Sensor,” is part of the latest study by Hideki Mori and Kazuyuki Arimatsu. The video shows a prototype that represents what some witnessed in a Sony patent for motion controller in February, and resembles, too, Valve’s VR Index.

Sony Researchers Introduce Their Next-Gen Finger-Tracking Tech

Sony already discussed that it was investing more in the VR department for its next-gen console. The decision came after Xbox chief executive, Phil Spencer, stated that VR isn’t that significant for Microsoft at the moment, and the Xbox Series X, because “nobody’s demanding VR.” So, Sony believed to be the right moment to start developing some new tech. “We often work hard to make things that no customers are asking for,” explained President of SIE Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida.

The displayed tech appears to be fantastic and opens up the possibilities for VR gaming on consoles. Also, Sony will differentiate even more from its rivals, such as Nintendo or Microsoft, which are not interested in such a thing currently. While we didn’t receive a confirmation that these are the controller we’ll witness release with the next-gen of PSVR, it has many chances given the patent and the people behind the prototype. However, we’ll find out more about Sony’s projects for the console’s VR soon, at the PS5 unveil event.

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