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SoundCloud Update 2020.07.20 Comes With New Bug Fixes

The age of streaming has reached the apex as music lovers can choose between several streaming services, with each of them promising the best features that could be found on the market. While many music streaming services tend to focus on popular hits and artists, some encourage growth and development.

SoundCloud is a platform that was built from the ground up to allow fans, artists, and curators to propel music towards new directions with fresh ideas and approaches that bring a breath of air in a stagnant industry.

Old but great

While many music streaming services appeared in recent years, SoundCloud has been around since 20007, allowing independent artists to share their music with the world without the need to sign deals with record labels. More than 175 million people use SoundCloud to listen to their favorite music, and the number continues to grow.

Some of the biggest artists of the moment have uploaded their first demos on SoundCloud, and with the support of the community, they managed to grow and achieve international fame. Some of the hottest artists on the future are on the platform right now, uploading content and laying the bases for success.

Lots of features

Enjoy access to a rich catalog of content that features millions of songs from a large selection of popular genres, including pop, rock or hip-hop. Find new artists, DJs, or podcasters before they become stars end listen to exclusive tracks and content that cannot be found anywhere else.

Explore the SoundCloud Charts to find the hottest hits and podcasts on the platform or create your own playlists and share them with friends and other SoundCloud users with a few taps. Curated playlists will offer the opportunity to experience the new sound and find great stuff easily.

The latest update for the app, 2020.07.20, comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements. Download any APK files from a secure and trusted source.




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