SpaceX Dragon capsule docks to the International Space Station with a special payload

The Dragon capsule from SpaceX successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS) on early Sunday morning.

The Dragon was loaded with approximately 5,700 pounds worth of payload when it arrived at the orbiting space laboratory. The cargo consists of supplies for the human crew aboard, alongside spacewalk and science technology:

Capture confirmed. At 5:05am ET, the @SpaceX #Dragon cargo spacecraft was captured with the @Space_Station‘s robotic arm by @Astro_Luca and @AstroDrewMorgan. Dragon is delivering over 5,700 pounds of science and supplies,” reads the designated tweet from NASA.

Purpose of the supplies

The research supplies will be used in a set of experiments, like the study of malting barley in microgravity conditions to mold it adaptingly for long-duration space flights and a study of the way fire behaves in the harsh spatial environment.

Mice in space

The Dragon capsule also carried a group of “mighty mice” (genetically enhanced mice) that are meant to aid the study of bone and muscle loss in space in order to create a solution to the problem, which is similarly present in human subjects.

Space robot!

CIMON-2 was also part of the precious cargo inside the Dragon capsule. If the name does not ring a bell,  CIMON-2 is the new generation of the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion. It was built by Airbus at the German Aerospace Center, featuring IBM artificial intelligence that is based on Watson technology, which sumarly spells how advanced the robot is. CIMON-1 joined the ISS in 2018 and it was the world’s first AI system on the space station.

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