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SpaceX Prepares To Launch A New Batch Of Starlink Satellites

A Falcon 9 rocket is being prepared at the Kennedy Space Center as SpaceX prepares to launch a fresh batch of Starlink satellites. While the launch should have taken place on June 26, the company decided that a delay was needed to perform additional pre-launch checkout.

The risks appeared to be minimal, but SpaceX decided to take the extra time to prevent any potential accidents that could have compromised the health of the staff or the Falcon 9 rocket and the payload. It seems that the delay was shorter than expected as the launch will take place soon.

Cool fuel

While the launch of the Starlink satellites was delayed, SpaceX used a Falcon 9 rocket to carry a U.S. military GPS navigation, with the launch taking place from pad 40 at the Cape Canaveral Space Station.

Several tests have been conducted by SpaceX to ensure that the launch of the Starlink satellites will take place without a hitch. The Falcon 9 rocket will be fueled with extremely low-temperature densified kerosene and liquid oxygen propellants that power 9 Merlin engines, which can generate an impressive amount of trust as they will propel the rocket towards space.

Quick recovery

It is worth noting that the first stage booster is being used for the fifth time, with the previous flights being completed without problem,including an unpiloted test flight for the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft, and two previous Starlink missions.

The nine engines fill fire for 150 seconds during launch, and the booster will be released as the second stage will be activated once the booster is free three of the engines will be used to guide it towards a recovery drone ship that is located at a distance of 400 from the Atlantic Ocean.

Once the booster is recovered, it will be brought back to Port Canaveral to be inspected and prepared for a new launch.



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