SpaceX provides jobs for veterans to serve after leaving military service

SpaceX will launch a group of small satellites Monday from Cape Canaveral on a Falcon 9 rocket. They picked the date to match Veterans Day to highlight the role played by veterans in the continuously developing aerospace industry.

Lee Rosen, SpaceX Vice president who has a military background (20 years in the Air Force), said:

“The chance to influence things on the other side of the fence while continuing to serve the government by getting additional capability for our war fighters and strategic decision makers was really appealing to me.”

Veterans welcome

SpaceX collaborates with the Department of Defense to send military grade payloads wherever they are needed.

About 13% of SpaceX’s employees stated that they have a military background. The rocket and engine development facility in McGregor, Texas, consists of about 31% employees who have served in the military.

Alyssa Gallegos, Lead Structures Technician joined the company with the aid of the military’s Transition Assistance Program, which helps soon-to-become veterans switch back to civilian life. 

“It was also really awesome to be able to use the skills that I learned in the military at this job,” Gallegos stated.She used to work on the F-8 jet aircraft teams but she never imagined that the skills she picked up and mastered there would aid her in the development of a rocket.


One of the advantages of hiring ex-military is the fact that there’s a great chance to find people who previously worked together as part of a team.

SpaceX is keen on hiring ex-military because serving teaches people discipline, leadership and high stress tolerance, which are essential traits in a company that focuses on fast development and innovation.

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